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Conversation Cup

Find out more about the history and purposes of the BIG CONVERSATIONS

Learn more about the BIG CONVERSATIONS in 2023!

What are the BIG CONVERSATIONS all about?


In 2023, we are all set to use the collective wisdom from our 2022 BIG CONVERSATIONS to design and implement practical and adaptive initiatives to address the values and priorities we have identified. And along the way, we’ll be experimenting a bit together to see what works best! Our planning conversations this year will be informed by how we have framed our shared identity and vision to answer the question: WHO DO WE THINK WE ARE?

Renewed Ministries in Covenant Community
450th Stated Meeting
March 23, 2023

Folks from the Committee on Preparation for Ministry will share information about the Ministry Formation Initiative and folks from the Commission on Ministry will discuss the Continuum of Care for Churches initiative. Then, we will all be invited to responsive table discussions about these exciting initiatives.



Our Vision at Work: Structures and Processes
451st Stated Meeting
April 22, 2023

General Council will share three models of potential structures and processes for our Presbytery. Then, we will all be invited to responsive table discussions to affirm a model or mix and match components for structures and processes to use living out our shared priorities and collective vision for the way forward in 2023.


Funding the Future

452nd Stated Meeting
May 18, 2023

We will learn more about sustainable, strategic finance management to sustain our vision for the future. Then we will all be invited to responsive table discussion to think through together our financial priorities for the coming years.






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