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Commission of Trustees

The Commission of Trustees recommends approval of all encumbrances of property (mortgages, loans, etc.) and sale of property by congregations. It also advises Administrative Commissions on church closures with regards to property matters.



Commission of Trustees Manual of Operations


Call and Contracts

Click the book cover to download the Book of Confessions or the Book of Order in pdf format.


Click the book cover to download 신 앙 고 백 서  or 국장로교 헌법 제II부 in pdf format.


Click the book cover to download the Libro de Confesiones or the Libro de Orden in pdf format.


Commission on Ministry

The Commission on Ministry oversees relations among congregations, ministers, and presbytery. It oversees

Commissioned Pastors, examining minister members for membership in the presbytery, leads sessions/congregations through pastoral transitions, oversees education regarding the Board of Pensions, advocates for Certified Christian Educators, and visits regularly with sessions and ministers, providing conflict resolution when necessary.


Permanent Judicial Commission

The Permanent Judicial Commission acts on judicial matters referred to it by the presbytery in accordance with the Book of Order.


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