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2023 Presbytery Directory


Pulpit Supply and Moderator Lists and Fees


Resources for Clerks of Session


Basic Parliamentary Procedures


Board of Pensions Quick Facts and Dues Schedule 2021


Child Protection Policy - Insurance Board


2022 Commissioned Ruling Elder Compensation Policy


Covenant of Closure - Leaving Gracefully


Current Year Facts and Figures


Dissolution Policy


Exploring my own sense of self differentiation (ppt file)


Fiscal Policy


Healthy Boundaries - No Relationship is a Waste of Time


Healthy Boundaries - No Relationship is a Waste of Time (ppt file)


Mission Opportunities Survey 2022


Pastor Support and Enrichment Grants


Per Capita, Salary, Etc. 2014-2022


2023 Remittance Form


Sabbatical Procedures


Session Record Worksheet 2019


Session Record Worksheet 2020


Session Minutes Review Checklist 2021-22--Virtual


Sexual Misconduct Policy FOR CHURCHES


Current Version of  Standing Rules


Sexual Misconduct Policy


Statement of Ethics for Last Sunday


Surfing Social Media - The Whys and Hows of Navigating Social Media as as Church Leader (ppt file)


Temporary Supply Compensation Policy


Handbook for Clerks of Session 2021-22


Why Pay Per Capita


Real Estate and Mortgage Process Chart



Summary of the Four Agreements.pdf

      in doc format


2022 Covenant Pastoral Agreement (191).pdf

      in docx format


2022 Interim Pastoral Agreement (105 155).pdf

      in docx format

2022 Non-PC(USA) Temporary Pastoral Agreement.pdf

      in docx format

2022 Temporary Pastoral Agreement (108 158).pdf

      in docx format

2022 Commissioned Ruling Elder Agreement (107).pdf

      in docx format


2022 Minister Compensation Form (101 103).pdf

      in docx format

2022 Minister Couple Compensation Form.pdf

      in docx format

Other Minister Members

2022 Other Ministers.pdf

      in docx format



Pastoral Call.pdf

      in docx format

Certification of the Call.pdf

      in docx format

Couple Pastoral Call.pdf

Couple Certification of the Call.pdf



Packing food boxes for hungry neighbors at the First Presbyterian Church of Danville, Illinois



Click the book cover to download the Book of Confessions or the Book of Order in pdf format.




Click the book cover to download 신 앙 고 백 서  or 국장로교 헌법 제II부 in pdf format.




Click the book cover to download the Libro de Confesiones or the Libro de Orden in pdf format.



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