Items available from mt. carmel church

The First Presbyterian Church of Mt. Carmel is in the process of closing, after 180 years of faithful ministry. The church is located at 530 Mulberry in Mt. Carmel. Items in the church are being offered to other congregations in the Presbytery of Southeastern Illinois. Please contact the Administrative Commission at if you have interest in any of these items. The deadline to request items is June 30th. The AC will make the decisions about distribution and will set a pick up date.


12 child / 27 adult chairs. 5 folding tables

Advent Wreath

Decorative Advent wreath.

Grank 1911 Piano

Some keys work, entire piano will need work.

Hammond Organ Speaker

Hammond Organ PR40 speaker.

Guest Book Lectern

Guest Book Lectern.


Refrigerator and gas range/oven. Possibly not used in 30 years.

Various dishes

Plates, bowls, cups, etc.


Collection plates + stands

2 collections plates and two plant stands.

Baldwin Piano

Upright piano and bench.

Christian/American flags

Christian and American flags.

Hammond Organ

Hammond Organ with bench.

Lectern and large cross

Lectern and large wooden cross.


Metal desk + file cabinets

Metal desk with two tall 4 drawer file cabinets.

Carved Oak Pews

19 carved oak pews, in excellent condition.

Various dishes

Plates, bowls, cups, etc.


Room dividers

4 room dividers.

Hymnals/Pew Bibles

83 hymnals / 23 pew bibles. Pastor would like to have these.

Communion Service

Communion service for 3, baptismal font

Side View of Organ

Bench has same design.


Lectern + other items

Lectern, carved chairs, communion table and PA System.

Wood desk

Old wooden desk.


Carved Oak Pews

Close up of detail

Various dishes

Plates, bowls, cups, etc.



Four 3-piece parament sets.