Commissioned Moderator Program

Brothers and Sisters in Christ and fellow laborers in the mission field of the Presbytery of Southeastern Illinois:


If you are an ordained ruling elder and are looking for a new way to use your gifts of leadership, we encourage you to consider applying for the “Commissioned Moderator Program.”  In the fall of 2019, our Presbytery received a “Rise Up” grant from the Synod of Lincoln Trails for the purpose of training Ruling Elders to serve as Session moderators in local congregations who don’t currently have regular pastoral leadership.  As you may know, this is a great need in our Presbytery and your contribution can help meet that need.


Attached to this email is a brochure that explains what responsibilities a commissioned moderator will have.  If accepted into the program, you will receive all the training and resources that you need as well as ongoing encouragement and support.


If you are interested in sharing your leadership skills and serving the church in this way, fill out the attached application and return it to the Moderator Development Team as soon as possible.  If you know someone who might be interested, please give them this information and encourage them to consider this opportunity.  You can email applications to


Thank you for considering this way of serving Christ in our Presbytery.


The Moderator Development Team:

Bob Wollenberg, Pam Laing, Jane Swanson, Joe Goeke, Stephen Kolderup, Cindy Bean, and Bill McLean

Presbytery of Southeastern Illinois, PC(USA)
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