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1883 Cairo Presbytery History of Ministers and Churches

If you are a student of history and/or involved in congregations in PSEI such as Centralia, Harrisburg, Cobden, Carbondale, Mt. Carmel, Carmi, Rockwood, Nashville and others you will be interested in this!


The Presbytery recently received a letter and a package from Jan Maddux from Greenville, Tennessee.  The package contained the following as explained in the handwritten Prefactory:

At the meeting of the Presbytery of Cairo, held at Cobden, April 1883, the Treasurer was instructed to furnish the Historical Committee with a volume suitable for preserving the results of their researches into the past history of the churches and ministers in this field, and the current events of importance.

The Committee considers the work assigned them to be limited by

1st. By the minutes of the General Assembly.  This relieves the necessity of recording a Roll of Churches and Ministers or a statical account of the Presbytery.

2nd By the minutes of the Presbytery

3rd By the history of the Presbyterian Church in Illinois by Rev. A.T. Norton D.D. This volume will be a supplement to that history and to the official records.

4.  By the "Sketches of the life and times of the Rev. Stephen Bliss. A.M." by Rev. S.C. Baldridge - a monogram of the first settled minister in the state of Illinois in our church.

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