The Presbytery exists for the purpose of being an agent in and an enabler of the mission of the Church of Jesus Christ.

The Call for the SPECIAL MEETING of

The Presbytery of Southeastern Illinois


6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. (PLEASE “ARRIVE” BY 5:50PM)

Due to the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, this will NOT be an in-person meeting.  Instead, we will host a “virtual” meeting, via ZOOM.  For a “Virtual Meeting Guide” with easy-to-use instructions on how to participate, please click the Virtual Meeting Guide link below (NOTE:  BE SURE YOU HAVE UPDATED TO ZOOM 5).


To assist in our planning for this meeting, it is important for us to know who will be participating and in what manner they will “join” the meeting (via ZOOM or via telephone) in advance of the meeting.  Register for the meeting HERE: Registration


Please fill in the requested information by 3:00om on Wednesday, June 2nd.  It is VERY important for us to know about EVERYONE who will be attending - ministers, commissioners, other presbyters (GC or Ruling Elder Member, CP, Corresponding Member, CCE, TP, Staff) and visitors (includes NTP).  If you wish, you may submit this information on behalf of others in your church.


The Special Meeting materials will be available through our website next week.  You can download each individual document by clicking on the individual links.


You can download and/or print the documents for the meeting for yourself and any other commissioners and/or attendees from your congregation you wish to assist in this process.

START TIME NOTE:  Meeting participants should “arrive” by 5:50pm and the meeting will begin promptly at 5:00pm

SPECIAL NOTE:  The meeting materials will be sent out and posted to our webpage on Tuesday, June 1.


PLEASE NOTE:  The link for the Zoom Invite for the meeting can be found in the “Call” email.  You also email the presbytery office (office@psei.net) for the link.


Options for Zoom Assistance:

A “Zoom Assistance” video is available below.

Tech Assistance is available before and during the meeting.

How to Use Zoom
Virtual Meeting Guide - CLICK HERE
June 13 Special Meeting Materials

To view and download a file, simply hover your cursor over the file. Two icons will show up on the right side. Click the EYE icon to see the document, click the DOWN ARROW icon to download the file. 

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Presbytery Meeting

The Presbytery exists for the purpose of being an agent in and an enabler of the mission of the Church of Jesus Christ on behalf of the concerns and needs of those who live within its bounds. The Presbytery holds and reaffirms, within the context of its commitment to the Church universal, a special commitment to the basic principle of Presbyterian polity (F-3.00) and that the nature of Presbyterian order is such that it shares power and responsibility (F-3.0203). This means that the relationship between the Presbytery and its member​ congregations is a 


two–way relationship – prophetic and pastoral; leading and responding . . . . Therefore, we expect God’s call to action and reflection to come from congregations and Presbytery Committees, from teaching elders and ruling elders, from sessions and General Council.